Coaching with Mike

In my 30+ year career in real estate, I have had to implement every strategy you can imagine.

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Sometimes just to survive, sometimes to thrive and surge ahead.


I adopted the adage that “great agents thrive in all markets” and have done whatever was needed at the time to maintain a robust sales pipeline… from door knocking to fsbo’s; from buyer lead generation to expired listings; geographic farming; networking; sphere of influence and past client referrals; REO to luxury homes sales.


I have used all of these strategies and more to sell more than 10,000 homes in my career,  averaging more than 700 per year for the last decade. 

1000 +
100 +

In 2015 I opened up my own brokerage, which is thriving to this day. And now, I offer you… the eager real estate agent… a customized, one to one coaching program designed around your unique set of skills and personal God given gifts.

Sure… during my career, I have spent a lot of time in ALL of the BIG coaching programs and with all the so called “Guru’s”.  While they all have their strong points…the problem I see there is that they all want you to be robots and implement the same tactics because they were found to work on some. 

But... we're not all the same people!

What If...

WHAT IF there was a coach out there who had actually “been there & done that”?  Actually walked the path that you are walking today

WHAT IF he could work with you to build your unique strategy that was designed based on your strenghts and weaknesses?

WHAT IF this coach got to know you at a personal level and adjusted their coaching based on who you are as a person?

WHAT IF all of this was possible…would you surge ahead to the next level in your career?