About Mike

When I entered the real estate business in 1987, it looked easy… right?


I saw people that I really wasn’t that impressed with driving nice cars, wearing expensive clothes and taking great vacations.


I thought…man, if they can do it – I can too!

I was 25 years old…got my real estate license, quit my job and went full time in to real estate. Then, promptly fell flat on my face!  What had looked so easy wasn’t really that easy at all.

I felt I was putting in the effort, but I was failing and growing very frustrated.  

All the classes.  All the conferences.  All the so called “training”.  It all kind of made sense, but it wasn’t really resonating with me and I was quickly going broke.  Working hard… but not making enough money to pay my bills.  Can you relate with my story?

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Then I met a guy…an older guy who wasn’t even in the real estate business, but he had been in sales very successfully and for some reason he took an interest in me and became a mentor to me in my career.

He saw something in me that I couldn’t even see in myself, yet. 


My new mentor helped me refine my work ethic and focus my efforts in strategic ways.


My business began to grow.  Pretty soon, I had an entirely new set of problems. 

Now I had to learn how to manage an exploding business and continue to grow it to the next level.  There were tons of problems along the way as economies and markets continously change.  But with the guiding hand of my mentor, I was able to change and adapt along the way.


This applied not only to my business, but in my personal life too.  We all have challenges in business and in our lives.  What’s critical is that we develop strategies that allow us to deal with them effectively.  NOBODY figures this out all by themselves!

Today… I have been happily married to my wife Jane for 25+ years.  We have a life that exceeds any dreams I could have imagined.


I have closed more than 10,000 homes in my career as an agent; I own a strong & growing real estate company in Atlanta where I help our associates chase their dreams; and now, I have launched The Path to $20 Million Coaching Program to help you chase your dreams.

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I am often asked why I just don’t go play golf everyday and travel the world?


Truthfully, that was my plan for the first 25 years of my career.  I was driven to high production with a dream that once I acquired enough financial resources, you would only find me on the golf course or on an exotic beach somewhere.  While that does still sound appealing to me… there is a higher calling that gets me out of bed with energy every morning. 


Once upon a time, someone took an interest in me and his help allowed me to achieve my financial goals and provide and amazing lifestyle for my family.  Today, I feel that God is calling me to help others in the same way.  It’s really not a choice – it’s a calling.

Could that someone be you?

As your mentor, could I help you catch up to  your dreams?  Honestly, I don’t really know until we have a 20 minute discovery call to find out.  But it’s your life… Don’t you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities?