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Have you ever been involved with a coaching program, but the results just weren’t there? 

Was it a Big Box, one size fits all program that didn’t account for each individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses?

Well… no ballroom event coaching here with thousands of people crammed in like a cattle herd where everyone is treated in a rushed, non-personal manner. My 30+ years in residential real estate has taught me, that rarely works.

What does work?

The same thing that worked for me, 1 on 1 mentoring. By someone who has actually been there, and done that. Someone that has walked the path you are walking and knows how to not only help you grow a business, but navigate the minefield that is embedded in your path to success.

This is what helped me surge to the highest production levels in the industry and go on to sell more than 10,000 homes in my career as an agent.

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I can help you do it too!